Chris and Bad News

Losing Mom

Losing a loved one is a very lonely and painful ordeal. Suddenly you are faced with circumstances you have to negotiate while under extreme stress. What do you do? How do you handle it? Here are some suggestions that hopefully make you feel less alone.

    Diamante Promenade

    An Italian Itinerary Like No Other

    Ciaoissimi Belli! Summer is almost here and with it, my chance to really cut loose and travel freely. As you know I love Italy and everything Italian so I tend to focus my travel attention there and, if possible, hit some other areas close by. This year we are heading back to Florence because I…

      How Do We Know Evil

      How Do We Know Evil?

      Ciao Belli, Straight out of the gate I have to state that I hate writing about evil. Unfortunately, today evil has raised its ugly head in so many areas and has created so much confusion that I have to take fingers to keyboard to write about it in the hopes that I can introduce some…


        Helping Those Who Hurt

        Ciao Belli, I have been updating my comments page and found a lot of comments from you that I did not see until now. I am sorry about this and have responded albeit very late. Every day that I look at my site stats I am amazed at how many people are drawn to the…