The Coziest Places to Stay in Australia

  Ciao again Bellismi, My friend Emma from Down Under has graciously sent me an article she wrote about her native Australia. Before she swam into my radar I had no reality on Australia at all and thanks to her wonderful articles, I am finding that I really want to go visit and am planning…


    2017! Detox Your Body and Reboot your Life

    Ciao Bellissimi! A slightly toxic and choclafied Chris here taking chastened finger to sticky keyboard to write to you about starting over. Don’t you love that? Starting Over. It has such possibilities. When my oldest son was younger he was very strong willed and as you know, so am I. Sometimes we would argue and…

      Chris and Bad News

      Losing Mom

      Losing a loved one is a very lonely and painful ordeal. Suddenly you are faced with circumstances you have to negotiate while under extreme stress. What do you do? How do you handle it? Here are some suggestions that hopefully make you feel less alone.