5 Easy Ways to Make Your Life More Interesting RIGHT NOW!

Pete at Diamante, Southern Italy.

Pete at Diamante, Southern Italy.


Hey Everyone!

Have you gotten into a rut in life? Are you bored?  Is you life just “not quite right”?

Many times people find themselves in that frame of mind and then start taking their lives apart looking for an answer. Sometimes they even get bored with their spouses and end up divorcing them. I honestly think that if everyone had a life that they personally found really interesting, they would be a lot happier.

Many years ago I was talking to a friend who had asked me what I was doing that day. I told him that I was going to a belly dance gig where my ladies and I were performing then I had band rehearsal afterward. He looked at me and said “Wow! You have a very interesting life!”.

I had never thought about it but he was right! The funny thing about life that I have found is that it is not “interesting” because you are an interesting person, It is interesting because you are an “interested” person. I have so many things in life that compel me to jump in and participate and I hate being bored. My life is fantastically interesting to me and, apparently to others. When I started www.chasinglabellavita.com, I had trouble narrowing down any one field of interest and would have likely ended up with multiple websites with multiple subjects and not enough time to handle them all. It was then that I decided that the one thing I could offer people, is how to make their lives more interesting in their own view.


With that in mind, here are the 5 things I can think of right now that will make your life more interesting:

1) Find a goal you are interested in.

It doesn’t matter if it is a sky high goal or one that “everyone” would tell you could never achieve. Just find an interesting goal. If your goal is to be a famous chef, get started! Look at what a famous chef would be, do and have and start being and doing those things. Ultimately you will have the things that a famous chef has.

Even if it takes a long time to reach your goal, you have suddenly become a lot more interesting. The most interesting people I know are supremely passionate about what they do. When you talk to someone about their area of interest and they rise up in enthusiasm and talk passionately, well,  I’ll be danged if suddenly they are not the most fascinating person I have met all week! It doesn’t even matter if they are talking about billiards or magic tricks. I LOVE passionate people!

2) Get rid of all your old junk and surround yourself ONLY with items you totally love!

I mean it! It sounds goofy but I have found that when you get rid of things that you are tired of looking at, you suddenly start finding new things that you love. It doesn’t have to be expensive at all. (Please see my recent post about being a Flea Marketeer).

In fact, if you wanted to you could sell all your old stuff and go find great stuff that you love to have around you. I have one criteria that I use when purging old things. It is this: If I would willingly plunk down money for that same item TODAY, I will keep it. If I would not buy it today, I get rid of it. I know its harsh but it works. I have pulled in some of the most amazingly beautiful items just by purging my old stuff. Lots of my old stuff has memories that go along with it and not always pleasant ones. Getting new stuff that you LOVE is very empowering and when you wake up in the morning, you see beauty around you. Suddenly your life is that much more interesting.

Stranger on a train!

Stranger on a train!

3) Make travel plans.

I know! I know! “Travel is expensive!, “I can’t get time off work”, “It is hard with kids!” etc. etc. etc. These are all legitimate reasons that a person might not travel however there are some work arounds. First of all, your first trips don’t have to be more than a day trip to somewhere close to you. How many of us have lived in a place for years and never visited the sights that tourists come to look at?

I live in California and there is so much to see! We have mountains and deserts and forests and coastline. We also have old mining towns and caverns and really, too much to mention here. I am sure that wherever you live, there are fascinating things to see and experience. Go check them out! Then send me a note so I can let all my readers know what is out there!

Secondly, if your dream travel includes somewhere far away and more expensive, start planning now for a trip a few years down the road. Put a little money aside and keep your dream in front of your eyes. You may find that once you have put together a trip to Europe, it will be that much easier the next time. You may get hooked and when you are addicted to travel like I am, you find ways of doing it. There are many, many books available about travelling on the cheap and still having an amazing experience. Check them out and get started! (In the meantime, you can take a mini mental vacation to Southern Italy with my book Chasing La Bella Vita. It is a novel I wrote that includes my experiences purchasing property and setting up house in Southern Italy. Here is a link to the Kindle download: http://www.amazon.com/Chasing-Bella-Vita-Chris-Ellis-Sobolev-ebook/dp/B006DJDG9E/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1381943190&sr=8-1&keywords=chasing+la+bella+vita+chris+ellis

You can also go and check out the website for our place there by going to www.casabellavita.net There are photos and articles there too.)

Another great way to experience some travel is to have a day where you try a new restaurant. My husband and I, every Sunday try to find a new restaurant and go try it out. Suddenly you are the GO TO person for what restaurants to visit and unfortunately, which ones to avoid. Happily, we have mostly found ones we can recommend. Obviously, if the place is dirty when we walk in, we don’t eat there but if it looks ok and the waiters and cook staff look clean and well groomed, we will give it a try. Also take a chance and order something you haven’t tried.

You may be amazed at what you find. (Here is another hard and fast rule that I use for ordering out: If I would not willingly step on it in my bare feet, I will never put it in my mouth. This is a great defense when people start wanting you to eat snails and bugs and things. It makes sense enough to be plausible and no one can argue with it.)

4) Talk to people and really listen to them.

You would be amazed at the stories people have and how much they love it when someone takes an interest in them. I have found that just talking to people and listening to them has made anything from a long train journey to a short interaction into something wonderful. When we look at all of the important things we have here on earth, the people (and pets) that we love are the most important things.

About 20 years ago we had a huge earthquake here in California. I had just gotten married and received a lot of expensive china. I realized later when I looked at a chipped coffee cup, that all of that china, all my possessions, my house, my car, none of it mattered one single jot unless I knew that all my people  were ok. It was a very liberating realization but it put my priorities in sharp perspective.

We can always get new stuff but our people are irreplaceable. Talking to people you have just met and allowing them to be who they are without judgment gives you the opportunity to make fast friends. Each one brings something new to your life; a new  perspective, a new joy in something simple, a new artistic bent. You never know who people are until you talk to them.

5) Now number 4 above has a caveat.

There are a handful of people in this world who are, frankly completely nuts and really do not want those around them to be happy or do well. These are the ones who give you a compliment and you feel like you have been slapped. Or they give your criticism for your own good while really tearing you down.

These people whey you try to communicate and let them know how their behavior affects you, turn it all around so that it is all your fault and there is something wrong with you. There is no changing their behavior and frankly, they are hugely offended that you would even think there is  anything to change about it. I have a hard and fast rule. If I spend time with someone and feel worse after being around them, I kick them to the curb (Not literally, I just stop communicating with them. I don’t listen to their “reasons” or excuses for their behavior, I just stop hanging around them.) If you were to purge all of these poisonous people from your life, you would find your life a whole lot better.

Now, that said, many times someone might be going through a bad patch and their behavior might be questionable but when you find someone who is always like that and won’t change no matter what you do, purge them from your life. I know it sounds heartless but do you really want to waste your years on this planet feeling miserable and making those who really do care for you unhappy because you are unhappy? If not, close your ears to the blame and cries for pity and go on about your life. The good people who care for your will support you.

Café in Cremona!

Café in Cremona!

I know I was going to give you 5 things but here is a bonus thing!

Tell those you love how you feel. I had a sudden realization recently that I had no idea how those around me felt about me until something bad happened. Then it was clear by their actions. We need to make sure they know how much we love them every second of every day. Even if they pretend it embarrasses them, it is my contention that everyone loves to hear that.

OK! There you are! 5 things that will make your life more interesting and you can start immediately! Once you start on these you will find more and more things that make your life more interesting and your interesting life will become a rolling snowball of interest and curiosity. Then, before you know it you will be writing a successful blog about how others can make their lives more interesting. Try it and let me know how it goes!

XO Chris


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