Aesthetics and Truth, Why They are Living Dynamite

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Aesthetics and Truth

Aesthetics and Truth, Why They are Living Dynamite

Aesthetics definition: Appreciative, responsive to or zealous about the beautiful 

Ciao My Bellis,

Those of you who create art (and who doesn’t?) I am sure have been plagued by tiny uncertainties, a little tugging question mark above your head as to whether you think it is right or best to create on a certain topic or in a certain manner.

It is kind of like writing sex scenes into a novel. It is expected but is it….ok in your universe?

I am sure you have also wondered why you wondered at all. What could be wrong with creating something as innocent as art?

Hint: It has nothing to do with whether or not someone will agree with you, although we have all been pounded down in the creation of anything remotely controversial by a barrage of insanity at some point. But its not that. There is something else, something very personal about what we create and why we create it.



Recently I have taken myself on a voyage of self discovery. In the course of this voyage, I realized that I had long ago lost my basic purpose, that purpose that drives me through the time stream and into the future with enthusiasm. It was the purpose that was supposed to be my guide and my measuring stick as to whether the actions I took were right or wrong.

Once this got lost, a long time ago, I became a rudderless boat drifting with the tides and never really setting a course. Such a boat only goes so long until it is bashed to pieces on the rocks and this is how I ended up on this voyage. I have had a very rough several years.

In the last few days, I have once again uncovered my basic purpose as an artist and a person. This has been the greatest gift anyone could have ever given me because just with that one thing, my life is back on track.



What is my basic purpose?

It is “to communicate to as many people as I possibly can and let them know that I understand, that they are not simply bags of meat on this third rock from the sun, spinning and existing for no reason. And this universe, with its hard edges heartlessness and unforgiving laws is not all there is.”

With this knowledge, I can look at any action I may contemplate and decide whether or not is aligns with my basic purpose. If it does, it is correct and just, ¬†because my basic purpose is correct and just. If it doesn’t align it is incorrect and harmful to some degree.

And the best way to reveal that to people I communicate with is to see it in each and every person I come across no matter how rough they might be.

So what about art? What about message?

We know that many artists end up on the rocks. So many talented gifts to humankind have been destroyed, many just this year and tragically. There are traps in the field of art and the only way to avoid them is by dealing only in truth.


Because art is an aesthetic. Aesthetics go into someone and if there is a lie wrapped up in it, it sticks and is much more powerful than if it were communicated without the aesthetic wave it is carried on. Instinctively, evil people know this. And they use it to make their lies stick.

Hitler used Leni Riefenstahl to make propaganda films for him. She was criminally stupid in life but she was a talented film maker. Hitler’s evil message, cloaked in aesthetics was so effective that he used it to destroy much of the world. Leni Riefenstahl, when asked, takes absolutely no responsibility for what she created and is patently insane as a result. Hers is a crime against humanity on par with Hitler and the rest of the criminal sociopaths of the Third Reich.

Aesthetics communicate much more than words ever could. And people instinctively trust it. Therefore a lie on this line is a betrayal.

So if you communicate a harmful lie cloaked in aesthetics, you are committing a harmful act of intense magnitude against mankind.

Harsh? Yes but true.

These artists who communicate degraded and hostile sexual practices, who promote violence and division, who promote agendas to serve evil masters, harm themselves as much or more than they have harmed humanity.

We are our own worst executioners and no one can punish us quite like we punish ourselves.

So as an artist, before you put anything at all on an aesthetic and release it into society, make sure it is truth. You will know truth despite the fact that millions of harmful lies are pushed at you all day every day by the evils in our society.

You will know it because it does not harm mankind and those who believe it.

If you do not heed this advice, you will ultimately lose all of your abilities because YOU will know that you cannot be trusted with it and you will slowly, over time give up your talents and abilities and drift like a rudderless boat waiting for the next wave to crash it on the rocks.

The solution is very simple. But it takes a good look at what your basic purpose truly is. If you think your basic purpose is something that harms someone else for whatever reason, look again. That is not it.

Once you find your basic purpose, align your truths against it and you will be ok.

No one but you knows the results of what you have done or will do as an artist and the only person we will ever have to square with ultimately is us and perhaps our God.

There you have it, the secret of survival in the land mind and booby trapped field of the arts. Use it well.

XO Chris






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