Carolyn’s Kitchen! Italian Cooking Demonstration Video!

Caroly's Cocina Cruda Video

Carolyn’s Cocina Cruda Video

Click here or on the photo to view Carolyn’s cooking demonstration!

Ciao my Belli Peeps!

Wow! August has been such a stellar month with so many exciting things going on!

As you know I soon will launch the Bella Boutique, the crowning glory of which will be the Italian leather handbags I will be importing from Florence, Italy. Florence has been the home of master tanners and leather workers for centuries and is widely known for her leather goods and handbags especially.

For this reason I am over the moon excited about hand picking these beautiful bags and bringing them to you.

This September, I will be travelling with my friends and partners, Lisa and Geoff  (You will remember Geoff from the pasta making demonstration in Southern Italy in June of this year. Lisa is with me in Carolyn’s video above) and my gorgeous husband, Pete. We love travelling together and plan on meeting up with other friends who will be there at the same time!

Together we plan on finding the best and most reasonably priced handbags so that you can get super fine quality for an affordable price just in time for Christmas!

I will be blogging madly from Florence so stay tuned for travel tips, Must see places and food that is to die for.

Carolyn's Salad

Carolyn’s Salad

In the meantime I have to tell you more exciting news!

Recently, Lisa introduced me to her friend Carolyn Tornay. Carolyn is one of those amazingly creative people and a fabulous Italian cook.

As a child, Carolyn grew up among relatives who owned and ran Italian restaurants on the East Coast. She watched and learned all of their secrets and has the amazing ability to whip up an unbelievable meal in very short order.

At our request, Carolyn put together a beautiful meal that can be created without cooking (except for the pasta) She calls this “Cocina Cruda” which literally means “Raw Kitchen” or meals that you don’t have to cook.

As raw food, especially vegetables, retain their nutrients, this meal is not only fresh and delicious but super nutritious.

In her normal gracious manner, Carolyn invited us into her kitchen and allowed us to video the preparation of this meal. The video is about 20 minutes long and in it, you get some fabulous recipes as well as kitchen tips from a pro.

I want to thank Carolyn Tornay and her husband John for doing all of this for us. I also want to thank my partner Lisa Gault for setting this up. And, last but certainly not least, I want to thank my husband Pete for shooting the video and editing it so beautifully.

So, from the Chasing La Bella Vita Team… Here is Carolyn’s Cocina Cruda!!!!

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