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Chris Ellis

Do you feel that there is more to life than a nine to five then dinner and TV?

You look around you and see a lot of other people who are totally fine with that and yet you feel that you are somehow…different?

Is it not ok with you that you will work in a job that you don’t love but that pays the bills with the idea that you will one day retire and then go do what you want?

Do you feel different from the mainstream and strive for something a whole lot more?

If this is you, you have come to the right place.

Welcome to Chasing La Bella Vita which mean Chasing the Beautiful Life in Italian.

I started this blog because I knew that there were many others out there who wanted so much more from life than simply comfort. There were those who wanted to EXPERIENCE life and all of its aspects.

They want to know about other people and other places. They are curious. They are never satisfied unless they have seen it all for themselves.

In addition to being a successful blogger, (Please review my work on Lifehack.org where I am a regular contributor), I am a traveler, musician, life coach and just plain chaser of interesting people and things.

Several years ago, my husband and I purchased an apartment in a tiny hilltop village in Southern Italy. We named it Casa Bella Vita because after we bought it, our lives became a lot more fun. Our house is located in an area of Southern Italy, just a hop and skip from Greece, Turkey, Sicily, Sardinia, Croatia, Rome and an almost unlimited number of unique and beautiful Italian villages.

Having been accepted into the village and becoming extremely fond of the people who live there, travel has suddenly become very personal. These people are now like family and we look forward to our trips there with longing. Someday we will spend a good portion of the year there when we set up our B and B and arrange tours to the surrounding areas.

Like the Italians I meet and try so hard to emulate, I believe that life is a juicy peach and you have to take a huge bite and get it all over you in order to experience all of her gifts.

The only thing standing between you and your interesting life is information (which you will find here), ideas (Yup! Also here!) and the willingness to close your eyes and jump in! Its ok! You will survive and it is the only way to get the life you want. Just follow me! I left a trail for you.

If you have blazed a different trail, tell me about it and I will likely follow in your footsteps.

In any case, WELCOME HOME!

XO Chris



Please feel free to write to me too. I answer all comments that are sincere.




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9 thoughts on “Home

  1. Hi!
    I took a look at your site and it looks really cool! I will check it out a bit more when I have more time! Thanks for leaving your note!
    XO Chris

  2. Re your article in Lifehack-15 Reasons Traveling Is The Wise Man’s Addiction today. Are there no wise women or are they just too poor from crummy jobs and raising kids to travel?

    • Hi Dinah,
      Man in this sense is used generically. Anyone can do anything in life. I have had crummy jobs and raised kids too. Everyone has challenges. It is whether you let them stop you that determines whether you get what you want.

    • Hi Michael!
      After much research into handbag manufacturers in Florence I found a very good shop that I now buy from exclusively. In 2 weeks I am heading over and will see Sr. Moretti again. If you want to send me an email, when I get there I can text you photos of the handbags and you can choose. I believe that he ships if it is one or two handbags. My email is chrisellis24@hotmail.com. We can connect and I can show you his selection.
      He has a Facebook page but his collection is way more than is pictured there.
      A word about Sr Moretti, his family has been in the leather business making saddles for nobility since before the Renaissance. When saddles were no longer needed they went into handbags. They make all their own. He gave me a whole primer on Florentine leather handbags and what to look for. Apparently there are some Chinese shops that have set up in Florence that make low quality and cheap handbags. You find these at the street markets and some of the shops. His leather is top quality. I will be doing a blog on him when I get there if he has time.
      XO Chris

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