I Will Never Forget You

Jackie Pup

Jackie Pup

I will never forget you.

I love that phrase but have we really thought this through?

Never=Not in any future forevers that will come. Not EVER.

Is this true? Is it possible to never forget someone even after we die?

Many ancient and current religions have all had one thing on common and that is the concept that we are not of this universe but are something separate and distinct.

We can call it a soul but it is not what we have but what we ARE.

We are spiritual beings who outlive our physical bodies and move on.

If we did not have an inherent knowledge of this, why would we bother doing anything of value if it all just goes away when we die? Why make friends? Why be good to our families? Why not just collapse in a heap of apathy and wait impatiently for death? Some people do this but they are not happy people.

Others understand this and are very happy.

We create beautiful things for our children and grandchildren, yes but we also create a better time around next time for OURSELVES.

This puts a lot of things in perspective. We make a better world because we will be back into it someday.

We make families and communities so we can have them over and over again.

So is it possible to NEVER forget someone if you fervently wish not to?


It may not be a memory of their face or their physical beingness. It may just be a feeling that there is someone out there who means the world to you

This person will find his way to you. Our spiritual goals and desires cannot be denied except by ourselves.  And our connections are maintained by the desire to be together again.

How many times have you met someone and knew you had known them before? You might have loved them or you might have hated them on sight. Either way, your paths have crossed again.

Either way there is a determination on one or both sides that you will meet again, even if the desire to see them again is not necessarily in their best interests.

With this in mind, who are you trying to remember? If it was someone special, put the idea into next week or next year that you will see them again. Then when you meet people, look past the physical manifestation and see what you see. We spiritual beings wear strange costumes sometimes. But you will know.

Sorry if I stepped on any philosophical toes. This is reality to me and you can accept or dismiss my little theory. In any case, don’t be sad if you are missing someone. They will make their way back to you sometime and in some place whether or not it is in Heaven.

XO Chris

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