Lucille Femine; A Painter of Life

McDougal St.

McDougal St; Lucille Femine

Ciao Bellisimi!

Once again I take enthralled finger to inspired keyboard to write to you about a friend of mine who is an artist with a rare gift.

My friend Lucille paints.

And when she does, magic occurs.

When I was a kid I read a lot of books. Two of my favorites were “Bonjour Tristesse” by Franciose Sagan and “L’Etranger” by Camus.

 In each of these stories and many other books I read, I could visualize the scenes. Since they were based on my own view and romance, they were mine alone. I loved them because they contained a life that may or may not have been available to another reader.

 Imagine my surprise when I looked at Lucille’s paintings and realized that they were imbued with the same quality that my imagination had created in the scenes from these stories. It is like she could see them too. And not only could she see them but she has captured them on paper exactly the way I would want to if I were a great painter like she is.

 In short, Lucille has the “it” quality. It is the unnamed and impossible to describe quality that sets an artist apart from the rest and makes a collector come back time after time to see what else she has created.

 A couple of months ago, Lucille and my paths crossed and I asked her if I could write about her on my blog. She agreed and I am so happy to share some of her tips and her beautiful paintings with you.

Pond in Central Park; Lucille Femine

Please tell me what got you started in painting?

I started painting seriously when I was about twelve. I used oil because that was all there was available. Soon after, I discovered acrylic which I much preferred as did my mother because oil stinks and ruins things and I ruined things with it. Before that I just did school projects and lots of drawing. I taught myself drawing by first drawing arms for weeks, then legs, then hands, feet, etc.

We as artists know that we have a basic purpose, that one thing that propels us forward to create. What would you say your basic purpose is with your art?

I would say my basic purpose is to live in the world of aesthetics. Life is to be created and this is the main path I’ve chosen. I do believe the world can be saved through the contributions of art and artists. It lifts people up and puts them in a different place which is much more real than this concrete planet. It keeps people from fighting, from wars and hostilities. All this comes from a little live communication.

Manhattan Day's End

Manhattan Day’s End; Lucille Femine

 What kind of schooling did you have as a painter?

I didn’t learn much from school, that’s for sure. I hit a bit of invalidation in high school so I learned mostly on my own. I used trial and error and I observed other artists. Much later, just a few years ago, I realized I didn’t know enough about painting technique. So I went to “Youtube University” and watched dozens of videos for weeks on various techniques. Youtube is better than any art school I’ve been to. I learned and was inspired by a few favorite acrylic but mostly watercolor artists. My painting improved after that and people commented.

 Who are your favorite artists? Who inspires you? 

I love Hopper because of the vivid emotions he portrays and the impressionists, mostly Cezanne, are high on my list. There’s a watercolorist named Andrew Geeson who has taught me much about watercolor. I love his work.

 What marketing techniques have you found successful? 

I use Facebook and Twitter. I have a newsletter coming out and I am using Amazon to market a children’s book I wrote and illustrated, called “Let Me See What I Could Be”  . I have also illustrated two other children’s books as commissions and the cover of a short story I wrote called, “The Final Outing”. I’m writing another one which is turning into a novel and I will illustrate that cover.

Rainy Snow; Femine

Rainy Snow in NYC; Lucille Femine

I had a one-woman show a few years ago at Celebrity Center in Nashville. That went well. I’ve also had paintings displayed in various businesses in New York as well as a New York art shop. I marketed to dentist’s offices and sold paintings to dentists in Manhattan. I have also exchanged paintings with my chiropractor and optometrist in Nashville. I’ve had a few outdoor shows, one a juried show in Greenwich Village and another in Hoboken, New Jersey.

 I would like to write and illustrate more books since I enjoy both so much. Amazon is a fantastic venue for promotion. And, of course, I have a website – artbyfemin

Visit Lucille’s website to view more of her work.

Thank you Lucille and keep painting!

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