Its a New World! Thought for the Day 24 November, 2013



It’s a new world and we can create it however we want it!

Those in power who think they control us, know that the chains that hold us are illusions. We out number them, we can get things done, we can make decisions and we know what is right. The people who get up every day and go to work, feed their families, help out in charities, open the door for someone, plant gardens, teach children, make food, care for others, create new products to make life easier and those who participate in any number of other creative activities, run this planet. It is not run by those would use negativity to destroy and who only create chaos and pit brother against brother. We run this place and the greatest fear of those who can not create anything of value but only seek to destroy,  is that some day we will find that out.


XO Chris


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