The Irresistible Power of Simplicity



Ciao Bellissima,

Chris here taking simplified finger to uncomplicated keyboard to write to you about staying away from complexities.

We know that complexities in life are a symptom of something gone wrong. We know that the person whose house is filled with garbage can give you all kinds of complex “good reasons” why they hang on to everything.

Likewise the person who stays with a physically or mentally abusive spouse.

There is no shortage of long winded and complex reasons for non-optimum conditions in life. But there doesn’t have to be.

Every huge, overwhelming and complex problem started somewhere. From there it snowballed into a large unconfrontable mass that seemingly has no easy solution.

Except that it does.

Normally by the time something has reached the complex stages, there have been several missed opportunities to handle it.

Let’s take an example of a kid struggling with his math homework. He is in tears and what he sees makes no sense to him. You look at it and it makes sense to you so you cannot understand why he is so upset and all you can do is make the problem worse.

Where did this go off?

Well, that is something you ask the child. Where were you doing ok? Where were you understanding everything?

Go back to just before that place and come forward checking his understanding on everything you come across. This includes the symbols and words which, if misunderstood can hang a child up in a beautiful mess.

In doing this you will find the exact thing that hung him up. Keep going until he is happy and you will have untied his big knot of confusion.

Human beings HATE confusion. Do you remember the last time you were confused? Did you feel like you wanted to have a melt down? I did.

Let’s take another example. Let’s take a person who was happy in life and then becomes depressed. There are many reasons for depression that have nothing to do with chemical imbalances.

The question to ask the person is when were you ok? And what changed in your life just before you became depressed? You will find that they hit a confusion or, more likely a toxic personality came on the scene and has been causing unseen upset.

Once they identify the cause of the unhappiness, they can make a change and they will be a lot happier.

In short, complexities start generally with one thing that went off. From there it became so complex that the person experiencing it cannot see through it.

If you go to where the person was last doing well and find out what changed, you can help them handle it.

Have you hit a rough spot? Try this on yourself and be willing to see the real reason behind complexities and upsets.

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