The Secret To Strength and Power

Holy Man

What Would Your Holy Man Do?

The Secret to Strength and Power

Chris Ellis

Several years ago I had been looking at life and reasons things are the way they are. I looked at what wrong turns I had made on this eye popping journey through time.

One of the things I have struggled with mightily is the fact that some people seem to see things exactly as they are and others seem to have created a rosy “reality” that they unconsciously hold up in front of their face and cheerfully confront.

I am sure you have come across people like this. There are many, many of them. It is obvious that they are looking at a completely different reality than you are even though you are looking at the same thing.

It can be baffling and in some cases it can be extremely dangerous for them and everyone around them.

I struggled with this myself at times and tried to find the reason someone would do this. I needed to find a solution to this dangerous tendency.

During this particular search, I came across something in my past where the truth was so painful and so heavily punished, that I subconsciously made the decision that I wanted no part of it.

From there I invested truth to some degree in others and subconsciously made them responsible for truth. It was pretty scary when I realized that this is what I had been doing.

Once I realized that, I wrote my short story “The Holy Man”.

This is the story of a woman who is immortal and who, over the centuries had been losing her immortality and her power. She had no idea why. All she knew was that the next time she woke up in a new baby’s body, she would have forgotten that she was immortal and had ever had such powers. She would be lost forever.

Then the Holy Man appeared.

During the course of their meeting the woman realizes that she and the Holy Man have been together many times in the past on this snaky ribbon of time.

She notices that he has not lost his strength and power and she wonders why.

With his help, she recalls a previous life where he had truth and shared it with her and many others. For this reason he was brutally murdered in front of them all.

At the point of his death, he looked at her and implored her to take the truth and bring it forward, to be the one who guards it and protects it as if it were the Holy Flame that was never allowed to go out.

She turned her head away and refused. And she didn’t even know it at the time.

The decision she made at that time was the she wanted no part in the truth. Look what it had done to her beloved Holy Man.

So the truth died that day with him because he knew that it was best if he left the perception that the truth died that day rather than have it fall into the hands of the people who had murdered him and who would pervert it to evil ends.

And from the point of her decision, the woman had started to lose her powers. Slowly and inexorably, they vanished one after the other until she was human and a pretty low level human at that.

Pretty harsh punishment for a simple wrong decision.

After I wrote the Holy Man, I started thinking to myself. How could I, Chris, sitting at a computer in slippers and sweat pants on a rainy California day, come up with someone as perfect and as right as the Holy Man.

I really had to chew on that one.

I really felt more like the woman in the story than someone Holy.

My Holy Man was a person who possessed all of the qualities I would attribute to a perfect person.

He was kind, honest, courageous, and possessed integrity that would never be compromised.

How could I, with all my faults and errors create a character so divine?

The answer is perfect and simple. The Holy Man is me.

It is not the me sitting with unbrushed teeth at 8:30 in the morning typing. It is not the me who feels bad about failing to help someone enough or about the errors I have made the day before. It is not the me who parked crookedly in a parking spot eliciting a nasty note from someone who took issue.

The Holy Man is me in my most perfect form. He is the real me and the other stuff is just a bunch of strange add ons like crazy plug ins that don’t work and that foul up my computer.

I had to realize that down deep, under all the weirdness, I am the Holy Man and that no one is responsible for the the truth that I see and recognize but me. End of story.

Once again I started thinking about right and wrong. I thought about truth and lies and false perceptions.

And I realized that my Holy Man, who still exists, never gave up the responsibility for truth. He has never decided that truth was too dangerous a pursuit for him to follow. He never decided that someone else knew better than he did so he did not have to look for himself.

He never stopped living and learning and he guarded that truth as if it were the most precious commodity in his universe and never gave it up.

And when I understood that, I realized that this is the secret of strength and power.

It is the decision to ALWAYS look and find and know the truth, then to guard it like a Holy Flame.

Truth is the fire that moves us in the right direction. It is the certainty that our actions are helpful and right.

And we know when something is the truth and when it is not. We know on some deep down level and the only time we are mistaken is if we think a lie is safer and more comfortable.

But that too is a trap. A comfortable lie is a dangerous lie because the truth is what it is, whether you choose to see it or not. And failing to recognize it in certain situations can lead to devastating results.

It is always better to know the truth than to live with lies.

Do you want to make your life better? Do you want to get your power back?

Sit down and create your Holy Man.

Give him all of the powers and attributes you would expect to see in your ideal person. You can even draw what he or she would look like. But make sure he belongs 100% to you.

Is he happy with the way you are living your life right now? If not, make arrangements to change it on a step by step basis until you are living the life of your Holy Man in whatever pursuits you follow.

In future when you are stuck between a rock and a bitter place, ask yourself “What would MY Holy Man do?”  and do that.

Then realize that that Holy Man IS you and you will be ok.

This is the secret to freedom. Those in whom you invest your truth become your slave masters and you their slave. Failing to look is an extremely dangerous mode of operation.

Is this the secret of divinity?

It may not make you divine but it sure starts you on your way.

Hope this helps.

Please write me with descriptions of your Holy Man. I really am interested. I am sure he or she will be amazing.

XO Chris

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