The Seeds of our Destruction

Righteous Indignation

The Seeds of our Destruction

Ciao Belli!

Wow! Wild times right?

If you watch the news we have to believe that every day there is something new to be upset about, and to feel so deeply that Righteous Indignation* that compels us to act, to stand up and fight and to some, to become violent and commit assault and murder.

For a long time I have been involved in the study of human nature and the study of ancient civilizations.

From this study I have come to the conclusion that we carry within us the seeds of our own destruction.

Fear, anger, the desire for revenge, and even the desire for justice for the oppressed are our achilles heels that, if not guarded night and day, can be manipulated and used to destroy us and our fellows.

And let’s simply face the unfortunate fact that there are those in EVERY society who, in their twisted way of thinking, profit greatly by the mass destruction of others.

In truth, no one ever profits from the destruction of another as the act of destruction degrades, both the destroyer and the destroyed.

Let’s take an example:

I recently wrote an article on my website about Naming and Shaming and why it is so wrong. In that article I pointed to the case of a female photographer who was vilified on social media.  Ultimately, because the person destroying her had a large following of people who did not look on their own but simply took what she said as gospel and spread it around, the photographer’s business was destroyed.

Rightfully, the photographer sued and the jury found in her favor.

While this is a nice victory, it is too little too late. How many sleepless nights did this lady have as a result of this vilification campaign? How many tears did she shed as she watched the business she painstakingly built for herself and for everyone who worked for her slip away because of black propaganda against her?

What price is high enough to compensate someone for the complete destruction of their dream?

And how did this happen? What tools were used in this vicious attempt to destroy her?

Fear? Yes. I am sure certain people do fear that they will be ripped off by some unscrupulous business person. This could trigger someone to share false data and lies.

Anger? Yes, the woman destroying this photographer had built up a large following on her blog. Her followers trusted her as she had established herself as an authority. They were loyal to her. She violated their trust horribly by lying to them.

Righteous indignation? Absolutely! No sane person likes to see good people hurt. And I believe that this is the tool used most often by unscrupulous media and people of negative morals to convince others to help them destroy someone else.

Ah, Righteous Indignation! It just feels so GOOD.

Do you remember the virtuous knights of the crusades? There are paintings and stories of these brave lads and they are held up as paragons of virtue*.

But each crusade started with one person high up the command chain deciding that he needed to destroy another group.

The reasons don’t really matter because they were generally specious*.

From there it was simplicity itself to spread among the faithful, hateful false data and lies and then to sit back and watch as these faithful ran off to holy wars and slaughtered innocent men, women and children.

Many of these faithful were themselves killed in the process.

These techniques were also used in Germany prior to World War II. First the mentally ill were vilified, then the gypsies, then the Jews. Ultimately this Righteous Indignation was fanned to the point that its target encompassed most other races and cultures.

The destruction was world wide and we all vowed to never forget and to never let this happen again.

In fact, this technique has been used all down the ages and it is still used today to vilify innocents and to justify their destruction.

What these beautiful, loyal and faithful young knights did not know was that they were being manipulated and that the very virtues that made them great were being used to destroy and degrade them.

The German people were not bad or evil. They rightly wanted justice but when that desire was used against them, it destroyed them and most of the world.

So how do we fight against this?


When someone comes to you with a horrible story about how bad someone else is, go directly to that someone else with the idea that you want the truth.

Look at the ACTIONS of that person.

Ignore other peoples’ perceptions and trust your own.

If we listen to the news today, we hear how we humans are programmed to hate each other, that “Racism is in our DNA” that we are fatally flawed and we must be told what is true and what isn’t.

I can tell you that NONE of this is true and the louder someone screams about how bad someone is, the more I start looking at the screamer. Someone screaming “Don’t look! Don’t Look!” Is the best reason I can think of to start looking and looking hard.

And so should you.

If there is one thing that this awful flood in Houston has taught us, it is that we are One Race. We are The Human Race.

We love and care for each other and this is proven over and over in videos and photos of blacks helping whites, whites helping blacks and hispanics, and police helping people of all color. In short all people are coming together and helping each other in dire straits regardless of race, culture, class or any other meaningless criteria.

Meanwhile the screaming media is silent and the groups that were screaming and engaging in violent destruction in the name of “justice” are conspicuously absent from the flood zone while Good Samaritan citizens who can’t stand to see others suffer are leaving homes and jobs to go and rescue their fellow man.

So take a look.

Who are we? Are we evil stupid people who have to be told what to think?

Or are we those who look then dive into danger for the privilege of helping another human being?

Based on what I have seen with my eyes this last week, we are the latter.

And perhaps the feeling of Righteous Indignation should be  replaced in our hearts by a quest for the feeling we get when we truly help another person with our own hands.

This is a much safer emotion. And it already exists in us.

I feels much better than Righteous Indignation and it cannot be abused.

The seeds of our destruction are not present in us without the seeds of our salvation

There IS a war on.

But it is not between us and us. It is between us and those cowards who use our greatness to manipulate us into performing their vile acts while they sit back in safety and watch the show.

The good will win out. We always do eventually.

But we can hurry this beautiful conclusion by heeding the above and knowing who and what we are, and by refusing to be divided.

Let’s recognize the endless greatness that exists in us and let’s not squander it to cheap and mean ends. Let’s use it wisely and help those who really need it.

Hope this helps.

XO Chris

*Righteous Indignation: Retribution, retributive justice; anger and contempt combined tech the feeling that it is one’s right to feel that way. Anger without guilt (

*Paragon of Virtue: A person who has no moral faults. (Mirriam-Webster)

*Specious: Apparently good or right though lacking real merit; superficially pleasing or plausible.  (

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