The Violent Death of Hope?

Death of Hope?

Death of Hope?

Ciao Belli,

Sorry to intrude on your beautiful day with an unwelcome raincloud but there is something I have just realized about what is happening in our society and it has alarmed me.

It is violent death.

I am a history buff and love to read and study history, especially ancient Greek and Roman history. These were very compelling times.

But both the Greek and Roman civilizations declined and failed.

There are various reasons put forth for this failure but the one thing I see in both instances is the normalization and glorification of death, murder, violence and combat just before these civilizations went into the dust forever.

I don’t think it is a coincidence that these things were so popular and so much a part of the culture right before both civilizations tanked.

I have lived in several decades so far. I have seen what life was like in the 60’s and each successive decade. One thing I can tell you is that videos and photos depicting death, murder, and violent injury were not displayed with the casual abandon that we see now. In fact, they were as taboo as porn which also, alarmingly, has become “normalized” .

there is nothing normal about either one of those things.

It is nothing to log onto your computer and go to Youtube and see videos of people being murdered, beheaded, drowned, burned alive and the list goes on.

And someone is holding the camera doing nothing to stop the mayhem.

How can this possibly be considered “Normal”?

This is actually put out there for everyone in the world to see whether they want to or not.

Maybe this violence and casual disregard for human life existed in mass quantities before the advent of Youtube. Maybe there is a large sector on earth that has lost all of the qualities like compassion, empathy and understanding that make them human and have fallen below Satan to the level of cud chewing animals.

This attitude and practice has normalized violence and murder to the point where gangs in LA and other places now have as an initiation rite, the requirement that you simply go out and shoot and kill the first person you see.

Did you fully grasp what I said in the previous paragraph? They are ordered to go out and shoot and kill the first person they see. And they do. 

It does not matter if this person is a child, a teen, a doctor, a preacher, a butcher, a baker or a candlestick maker. They are to be made completely and permanently DEAD despite having done NOTHING to deserve it.

If this person happens to be you or someone you love well, you are now a statistic and not a happy one.

For the mother of a child who happens to be in this murderer’s path, there is no son or daughter coming home after school. There are no more birthday parties, no more sleepovers with friends, no movies or outings, no future celebrations at all. There is only a bitter and painful memory of someone loved so deeply and now taken from you.

The deaths you see on Youtube or Facebook or any other medium are not some nameless, faceless persons in another country and therefore “not like us”.

They are human beings with families, no matter how culturally different than we are. They are people with hopes and dreams cut short. They are victims of acts so heinous and terrifying that death looks welcome by comparison.

This is the lot of our neighbors and friends. And this will be the lot of ourselves and everyone we love if we continue on this path. This is as true as anything anyone has ever told you. 

I have said it before and will continue to do so: When one among us is not safe, no one is.

The constant display of terrifying death and violence is there by design by people who do not wish us well.

These are images shoved in our faces to tell us in graphic and definite terms that this is how things are. This is who we are. We cannot deny our violent tendencies and inherent evil. We are racists and homophobic and, and, and. It is in our DNA.



Our DNA does not carry viciousness, prejudice and evil. Those telling us that are revealing who they really are.

We are spiritual beings and our innate qualities are goodness, understanding, compassion and every good attribute you will find in an ideal person.

It takes heavy brainwashing and duress and evil education to make someone believe he is evil and degrade him to a state where he is capable of carrying out these acts. This is not a natural state. It is an abomination.

We are being “educated” and brainwashed and subjected to duress on a daily basis with these images. Without knowing it, we are on the same path as those who are murdered and those who murder, as violence begets violence.

If we don’t stop this plunge into death, we will end up as murderers.

We can stop it,  all of it.

We start by stopping the brainwashing and normalization of violence and murder. We can protest loudly and stridently at the top of our voices against it. We can involve our friends and neighbors and add their voices to ours. We can stop buying or clicking or in any way giving attention to those who would twist and pervert our valuable attention to their evil ends.

The Third Reich, responsible for the Holocaust in Europe that destroyed most of Europe was headed up by Hitler and his Propaganda minister, Joseph Goebbels.Here is a quote from this “master of propaganda”

“It would not be impossible to prove with sufficient repetition and a psychological understanding of the people concerned that a square is in fact a circle. They are mere words, and words can be molded until they clothe ideas and disguise.”
― Joseph Goebbels

Images can also be twisted by words.

Is there sufficient repetition of the message that war, violence, murder and death are normal? It seems to be everywhere.

What square is someone trying to tell us is a circle?

I, for one, do not agree with this hellish nightmare that exists in many parts of our planet. I KNOW that man is basically good and must be twisted and confused and then “educated” into being evil. I KNOW this. And so do you.

In life there is a universal truth, A truth that transcends all other’s and is the most important truth we have right now. And that truth is that we ARE the best in us, not the worst.

Be aware of what is taking place. Understand that there is a group that benefits (in their minds) by making us believe that unspeakable horrors are somehow “normal” and that “We are all are capable of them”. This is propaganda and you don’t have to degrade yourself by believing it.

Raise your head and take up your pride. We are all above all of that. And we don’t have to have it on our planet. We don’t.

Write me and let me know your thoughts.

XO Chris

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2 thoughts on “The Violent Death of Hope?

  1. Dear Chris,

    You are so right and I for making a goal every day to
    help and be kind to people.

    It is amazing a persons’ s reaction if you just compliment
    them or do something helpful.
    A big smile. Theta

    • Hi Rosemary!
      This is so true. We do need to focus on the positive and let the negative go. It is a relief when we do that and acknowledge the goodness we inherently possess.
      Love you!
      XO Chris
      PS for those reading this who don’t know. Theta refers to the spiritual beings we are and the source of life.

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