When to Ask for Permission, Approval or Advice


Permission, Approval, or Advice

Ciao Belli,

Awhile back I was posting a thought for the day. It was a short and sweet little idea that I put on a little, tiny leaf boat and shoved out into the universe.

I liked this idea because it kept me connected and I have no idea why I stopped doing it.

So here is today’s thought for the day:

Are you asking for permission, approval or advice when you should just be doing?

The reason I am putting this out there is because I have been doing exactly that without being conscious of it.

I have asked for advice on a multitude of things I either already know about or that I should research on my own.

Why is it bad to ask for permission, approval or advice? Well, when you ask for and take any one of these things, it can lessen your responsibility in your own mind. Some of the responsibility may now lie on the head of the person permitting, approving or advising.

When this is about your life, it can be inappropriate unless the person is specifically trained or you have observed that they are really smart in that area.

Additionally it is a bit of in invalidation of yourself and your own ability to work things out.

When should you ask permission? When you are asking about breaking an agreement or using someone else’s property.

When should you ask for approval? Only when you do not have the authority to do something and you want to do it.

When should you ask for advice? When you want the benefit of someone else’s training or experience but always with the knowledge that the ultimate responsibility belongs to you.

You know what the right thing to do is. Sometimes just voicing it into the physical universe can clarify things for you but deep down you know what is best.

Trust yourself. You will be fine.

XO Chris





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2 thoughts on “When to Ask for Permission, Approval or Advice

  1. Nice ideas. I really agree with your thoughts on when you should ask for advice …. the intent should be to just get the benefit of someone else’s experience or knowledge, not to diffuse your own responsibility for ultimately making a decision!

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