3 Big Reasons You Should LOVE DAVE!

Hi Everyone!

I am SO excited because I just got word back from my buddy Dave Press that I can go ahead and post some of his videos.

Now, there are musicians and musicians but there are some very solid reasons why you should LOVE DAVE!

1) He is Dave Press for cryin’ out loud! Amazing singer, guitarist extraordinaire and a live band that kicks the living daylights out of the blues and any other musical style!

2) He and his crazy kickin’ band put on an amazing live show!

3) People will respect you as a connoisseur of fine music if you say “Yas, Em The other day when I was talking to Dave Press…..” It doesn’t matter what drivel falls from your lips at that point because you are already in with the in crowd!

Dave and his band are a fixture on the London club scene. He is an amazing singer and Fabulous guitarist. He is creative and passionate, all the things I most love in an artist. recently Dave and his band completed an album entitled “Breaking Out”.

Here are just a few of the kudos Dave and the Gang have garnered:

“I listened to the album, it has real energy, this sort of music sells tickets.” T. Calder Ex Manager Rolling Stones

“The Press Gang are a fantastic live act”-GCB, Tour Manager U2/Bon Jovi

“I love Dave’s guitar playing, I gave him a stage to run. I said introduce the acts and play as much as you like.” S. Taffe – End of the Road Festival

The band’s new track ‘Jesse James’ won Best new song on Talk Sport radio and was given much airplay and live sessions.  Jesse James also became Single of the week on 101.4 ON FM and was play listed.

What I most love about this band is that they can play blistering Blues and R and B and yet the ballads are so sweet and achingly beautiful. These guys are so uniquely talented in so many areas that it takes my breath away. Check out “Me and the butterfly” and then listen to “Jesse James”. You are gonna love these guys!

Here are some of his Youtube vids! YAY Dave! I have been listening as I write this and I can’t stop chair dancing!


And here is more great stuff!


While you are up, go friend Dave on Facebook! I will be sure to check out one of his performances next time I am in London!


Thanks for the great music Dave!


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