Your Holy Man; Your Most Valuable Guide

Accidental Diamond, strong and beautiful

Accidental Diamond, strong and beautiful

Those who know me well, know about the Holy Man. The concept of the Holy Man has allowed me to help more people find the answers to their questions and many were surprised to find that the answers were right there in them the whole time.

He is by far the most powerful ally I have ever found. You have one available to you too.

For this reason, I want to share him with you.  

For those who are not familiar with the Holy Man, I will give you a brief explanation.

Several years ago, I wrote a short story that completely changed my life. The story is entitled The Holy Man

Somewhere, far in the future on a post apocalyptic earth, we find our  two characters.

Amia is a woman who is immortal, waking up from death each new generation, in a new baby’s body.

Each time this has occurred, she’s lost more of her powers until she knows one day she will wake up and forget  that she had ever been immortal, and from there she will degrade into a wild animal state like the other life forms on this planet.

The Holy Man, on the other hand, has retained his power and immortality. Despite having lived through horrific circumstances, he still lives as he has been living for eons, untouched by the events and circumstances surrounding him.

In the story, the Holy Man guides Amia to the decision that she had made lifetimes ago that caused her slow and steady degradation.

Once she spots this decision, she changes it and starts back upward again toward immortality and her native power.

The Holy Man is a man of the utmost integrity. He has courage, intelligence and pride. In short he has all of the characteristics that I most treasure and admire in a person that I associate with.

He is who I wish I were all the time.

One of the questions I had for myself after rereading The Holy Man a few months ago was “How could I, as imperfect as I am, come up with someone as perfect as the Holy Man?” It was almost as though he should be writing me instead of me writing him.

Then I realized that this Holy Man IS me. Not Me in this harsh and imperfect world, peopled with a those who are confused and in pain.

Not the Me who forgets to get dog food at the store or fails to pick up my dry cleaning in time, but Me at my absolute and most perfect best.

Knowing that, I realized what an amazing gift I had in being able to go to this Holy Man inside myself and ask him for advice whenever I needed it, knowing that it would be correct.

And, seeing and understanding my Holy Man made me realize that each one of us has a Holy Man inside us that is the absolute ideal of what we know ourselves to be.

I then made it my mission to get everyone I could contact, in touch with their Holy Man and to take his counsel.

I say this now because I believe that if you are armed with this information you can change yourself whenever you feel you need to, you can change conditions and you can change the world and make it a better place.

The term “Accidental Diamond” came to me last night as I was sleeping and I loved it because an Accidental Diamond is one who takes the pressures and persists through non optimum situations that we all find in life. In handling them, he or she finds their own strength and beauty, which is considerable.

You are an Accidental Diamond in the making and if you are reading this, I believe it is safe to assume that you have been through tough times and are looking for answers and strength.

In order to do this, there are some very definite steps that you must take. These will set you on the path.

1) know who and what you are.

Writing blogs and doing my radio show with Sally Nutter has been a very enlightening experience for me.(–chris-and-sally–all-about-love)

Despite striving every day for honesty, I found areas in myself where I was less than honest with myself. I realized that I had been limiting my communication to others, to you, because I feared ridicule.

I then had to ask myself if there was anything about my potential communication to you that my Holy Man would not agree with. I found that there was nothing.

He agreed with everything I was saying and agreed with my right and duty to communicate it all to you.

Knowing this, I had strength and invincibility to step forward and speak despite attacks that I have experienced in the past whenever I had tried to speak out. T

he attacks will still come. Attacks are an index of the effectiveness of one’s communication so I don’t fear them and now that I have straightened it all out with my Holy Man, they will even make me stronger.

I am my Holy Man. Since he is the epitome of all I hold dear, I will defend him and back him up every step of the way.

Find your Holy Man. Get to know him intimately. He is you in your most ideal form and he is worthy of trust, love, compassion, forgiveness, and, above all, he is worthy of being heard.

2) Know where you are going

Sometimes just knowing where you are headed is enough to get you started. Many times just making that decision is enough to lay the path out in front of you. If not, there are more tools to help you!

3) Decide on your personal code of ethics.

Again, ask yourself “What would my Holy Man do?” Your code of ethics is the group of agreements YOU have with yourself about how YOU should behave. It is yours alone.

Decide what it is and then stick to it like glue. For more information on this, read my blog on “Integrity“.

Integrity is not some esoteric term (esoteric meaning accessible only to a select few) meant to make you wrong. it is also yours alone and can be used to keep you whole.

4) Never take on a moral code with a group unless you personally agree with it.

A Moral code is different than an ethical code. A moral code is that set of agreements adopted by a group.

If your ethical code states that you never eat meat on Friday, joining a group who feels that it is part of their Moral code to eat meat on Friday will divide you.

One of the definitions of “Integrity” is “Wholeness”. To keep your integrity is to keep your wholeness. Do not divide yourself.

5) Decide to be the Rising Tide

I heard a quote a long time ago and I wish I could remember who first said it. The quote was “A rising tide lifts all boats”, meaning that when you bring yourself up, you bring others up as well.

You can expand on that by finding the best way to lift yourself up and the best way is the way that lifts as many other people as you can.

Every time I have acted to help another group who had a great message or product that the world needed, I have gotten a huge and unexpected payback from it.

I have decided that this is my new way of living life. Even if I had no desire to help anyone, it would be a no brainer to have this as a way of living life because it works!

6) Study the subject of communication.

I would wager that 99% of the troubles we are experiencing in our lives and on a planetary basis are due to communication gone awry.

Communication is not the subject of public speaking. It is a subject of every day human interaction and it is so dear to us that when it goes off even slightly, we are extremely upset.

And yet, communication, done correctly is easy if you know how to do it. When you master this skill you can correct almost anything.

Study it. Get expert. Life will become a whole lot easier when you do.

Here is a link to an overview for a free online course in Communication.

7) View situations in your life with your own eyes.

Don’t simply believe what is told to you. There are people out there who profit by lies. There are newspapers and gossip rags that sell copies by tearing people down and then reporting on the carnage.

Don’t be part of that evil scheme. Look for yourself and decide for yourself and encourage others to do the same.

8) When you have a sane idea that benefits yourself and others, say it.

And if you get attacked keep saying your message gently and persistently. Ultimately it will be accepted.

Do not be dismayed by the insanity of attack. Bright and pro survival ideas are attacked viciously at first but stand your ground. Sooner or later you will succeed. The more who do this, the easier it is for the rest who do it.

9) When approaching your fellow man, see the perfect being inside.

I find that when I see someone who is unhappy, I picture them as a child. For some reason that makes me feel more compassionate and caring so I tend to treat them with more understanding.

People who are unhappy and even attacking are in pain. They don’t know how to handle it so they act insanely. Understand that this is where insanity comes from and deal with it accordingly.

There are still times that you will need to protect yourself and no one, even if they are in great pain should be allowed to bully or abuse you. If that occurs, handle it with the tools you have and then let them know that they are not welcome n your universe as long as they behave that way.

It is your universe after all. You create your life. I have a saying and it is “Crap only enters your universe or stays there because it has been invited. ” Let it know it is unwelcome and show it the door.

10) Flourish despite any naysayers.

This is your best weapon. Go out and do what you mean to do and say what you mean to say. It may be chaos at first but the weirdness will blow off and it will straighten out.

I would like to be the first to welcome your Holy Man into existence. He is your best friend and most trusted advisor. He will be with you when no one else is there. Honor him, validate and strengthen him and you will both thrive.

Once you have brought him out in the open and polished him up again, you will see that you are an Accidental Diamond, forged by persistence and  a refusal to be squished, and containing a beauty that is only attainable through these qualities.
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Contact me if you need me.

XO Chris




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