Whitney Houston’s “I Have Nothing If I Don’t Have You”

Chris Singing Whitney Houston’s “I Have Nothing If I Don’t Have You”

Ciao again my Belli Peeps!

I was rifling through my Youtube videos and found this one. I haven’t watched it in a year or two My husband recorded it a couple of years ago as I was performing on the street in front of my friend Angela’s shop. That was such a great summer. I sang there regularly.

Angela’s shop was on Second Street in downtown Morgan Hill, California. It was a pretty tree-lined street and in Summer, it was perfect for strolling or sitting. Angela would bring out her beautiful chairs. (She had an antique shop) and order a tray of antipasti from Maurizio’s restaurant.

Her shop was right next door to Maurizio’s so the people could eat outside and I would sing for them.

The smells from Maurizio’s were absolutely stunning. I really think that his is the best Italian restaurant in the area. Go there if you have the chance, then ask him to hire me to sing for you.

It was a lovely time.

Some of the best performances I have ever given were out on the streets.

In any case, I hope you like it as much as I loved making it.

Love you guys!

Chris singing Whitney Houston’s “If I Don’t Have You”

Chris Youtube

Chris Youtube


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