Drug Zombies!


Drug Zombie

Drug Zombie


I heard it again today. The unmistakeable sound of a car scraping painfully against a parking pillar.

No doubt about it, my neighbor was pulling out. I have the carport next to her and have long since stopped parking in it. Every day her car edged closer to mine and finally one day I could not get in the door. After that I started parking in the alternate parking area.

My neighbor’s car has stripes of multi colored paint running up and down the side, remnants of interchanges of ideas between it and other cars, parking pillars, walls, bushes and who knows what all else.

She is a nice lady. At first I thought she was rude but she was so sweet when I talked to her that I was at a loss to understand why she was so weird at parking.

One day my husband was heading in from work and spotted her shuffling in from her car. In her hand was a gallon sized plastic storage bag filled to the brim with prescriptions meds.

That was my answer. Since then I have seen others in my area driving strangely and seemingly completely out of touch with the actuality around them.

These are the Drug Zombies.

Drugs, whether they are prescription or otherwise, when used for a long time and when combined with other drugs, turn people into Drug Zombies. They tend to be as solid as a rock and any communication you aim at them takes a LO-O-O-O-NG time to sink in.

This is bad enough when you try to have a conversation with them but it becomes downright dangerous when you share the road with them or trust them with a pet or child.

People who are overmedicated on prescription drugs or using street drugs on a regular basis are dumbed down to an alarming extent.

If they started the drugs when they were younger, their mental progression seems to halt at the age they started. You see grown men acting like teenagers because that is when they started using.

The major attention getting drugs in our society are things like Crack, Cocaine, Heroine and Ecstasy. Little attention is given to the ridiculously powerful mind altering psychiatric medications that are in vogue today. Nor is any attention given to the litany of other prescription medications that many people take.

I used to work with a nutritionist and she would not even accept these guys who came in with bags of pills. There was one man who had over twenty bottles of prescription meds and he didn’t even know what they were for, yet he took them religiously.

My friend turned him away. She said he was medical wreckage and she was right.

The truth is that the majority of the population is overmedicated and if solutions were considered that included nutrition, exercise and cutting out self destructive behaviors, most of them would not need meds.

Be on the lookout! These drug zombies are everywhere. If one of these people is working for you on something important, find someone else to do it who is not on drugs. You do not want your taxes, for example done by one of these half dead zombies.

When you are on the road, be alert and realize that many people on the road with you at any given time is one of these zombies.

If you are taking prescription drugs, look to see if there are safe alternatives like changing your diet or behaviors. Help others do the same.

Life is tough enough without having to dodge these guys.

Good luck out there!

XO Chris

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