EEEEEEEEEE! So Exciting!!!!!! October 2013


Hey Everyone!

I am sooo excited! My new website is getting more and more polished and I am posting all my favorite articles here! Please understand that they were written over the last few years so the dates are all Caddywhompus. (Geez, I never learned how to spell caddywhompus, Kaddywhompus: Adjective, used to describe things all mixed up. Derivation: My mom) ( Oooops, ok so I actually took the time to research that and it was not invented by my mom. Here is the definition I found from the Caddywhompus band website: The colloquialism “caddywhompus” is defined by such adjectives as “uneven,” “crooked” and “out of whack”. I like to be thorough.)

Anyway, the point of my ramble is that you can read each article and get some great information and fun views of things even if they are out of date order. I will post the dates on them so you know.

I have so much in store for you! I have to say that I am the luckiest girl EVER because I have so many creative friends and they are all willing to create their magic for my website!!!I It started with the amazingly talented Dave Press and his band The Press Gang. I am so hoping to get over to London some time when they are performing and see them live. It will be a treat beyond all imagining!

Then I have my beautiful friend Jojo Zawawi from LA who is a gifted pianist and writes the most beautiful music ever. She has graciously allowed me to post her music on my site.

My friend Diane from the LA area has said she will get started on some organic farming and food preparation tips for you. Meanwhile I am always on the lookout for interesting things to post, great projects, flea market finds and just dang interesting stuff! If you are out and about living an interesting life, contact me! Let me know what you are doing! I would love to know!

Meanwhile pull up a chair (another of my fetishes; chairs) and get comfy. Take a chair stroll through the pages and articles and let me know what you think. When you are done stop in and say “Hi”.

XO Chris


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