Gimme more shrews!

Gimme more Shrews!

Ciao my Belli Peeps!

Have I  Got a treat for you! But first, please read my confession below:

My name is Chris Ellis and I am an addict. Yes I am hopelessly addicted to The Shrews.

I can’t stop! I’ve tried and I’ve lied to myself that I could. I! NEED! HELP!

No, I don’t need help. All I need is more Shrews! GIMME MORE SHREWS!!!!!

The Shrews are a San Francisco Bay Area band made up of three fabulous musicians. I know two of them personally.

One of them, the songwriter and vocalist/bassist is Anthony Gullickson. I teach with him at Rockin Kidz in Los Gatos,California. (Anthony is pictured center)

Anthony is one of those musicians who, we like to call a Swiss Army Knife. He plays and teaches several instruments. What many people don’t know is that Anthony is a crazy great pianist who practices several hours a day on his Chopin Nocturnes and other highly advanced pieces. He also writes incredible music.

One day I walked in to Rockin Kidz and heard something that sounded like the organ music they used to play for silent movies. Remember when they had an actual organ player sitting there watching the movie and creating the music on the spot? This was back in the day before talkies.

This was the music I heard! I poked my head in the door and found Anthony playing it! I asked him what it was because I loved it. It brought back old memories of going to a pizza place and watching the organist make up the music as the movie played.

He said he just made it up and he played it again. I was astounded! Anthony is a young man but his musical knowledge is vast!

Another amazing thing about Anthony is that his students can really play at a high level. They blow me away every time I see them!

Despite all of this, Anthony is a sweet and caring guy who really enjoys teaching kids to play music. It is his life and his joy and it shows.

The other member that I know personally, is Alan Sobolev. (Alan is pictured on the right)You may know him as he used to play with several stellar bands in the Bay Area including Capistrano which was quite popular a few years ago. (Click here for Alan’s compositions on Soundcloud)

I have known Alan for many years. He started playing drums when he was about 10 years old after sampling many different instruments. It was clear early on that he had a knack for percussion and a ready understanding of all things rhythmic and melodic.

When he was thirteen years old, Alan started playing out with bands in the South Bay. It was not unusual as he grew up, for him to be playing at house parties, local venues and just about anywhere music was happening.

He is a gifted musician and composer with solid knowledge of orchestration as well as being a stellar drummer and teacher. Alan also teaches guitar and piano at Rockin Kidz. His students love him and learn rapidly under his tutelage.

Recently I was having dinner with Alan and he advised me that he and his band mates had finished their EP. He was anxious that I should listen to it. When I did I was blown away!

I am sorry that I do not know the guitar player personally. I would like to, but stay tuned for a video interview with these guys because I am lining one up in the next few weeks.

The songs remind me so much of the bands I loved in the 80’s which was one of the best times of my life. The music scene was happening, my friends were all in bands and we all went to see each other perform. We all had pretty cool followings and we opened for really great internationally famous headlining acts. This was exactly the kind of music I loved!

If I did not already have the Tearmagnets and The Shrews were around in the 80’s I so would have auditioned for them!

In any case, here are some Shrews for your enjoyment! I love “Deja Vue” but honestly, all of the songs are pretty stellar.

Be careful! One hit and you are addicted!

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