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Guest post

Hello Everyone! Thank you for your interest in submitting a guest blog post to


We at Chasing La Bella Vita are looking for articles about travel even if it is travel in your own back yard.

Articles submitted should include your story and photos, at least one of which one should have you in it as it helps build a relationship with the readers.

The point I would like each reader to come away with is that the world is overall a friendly place, that there are simple solutions to everyday problems and that through communication, we can calm this planet down and ultimately bring everyone together while retaining the individual beauty and nature of the separate cultures.

Here are some simple guidelines for submissions:

1) Craft a killer headline Substitute power words and known buttons for weak words to spike interest.

For example, instead of saying “Here are 7 recipes for your Leftover Turkey” you could say “7 KILLER recipes to SALVAGE your Thanksgiving Leftovers!” Or, from my blogging mentor, Jon Morrow’s viral headline “On DYING, MOTHERS, and FIGHTING for your Ideas.”

His whole article is brilliantly written and propelled him to the top of the heap in terms of bloggers. It is very worthwhile to read. He took the time and care to craft it beautifully and it communicates exactly what he wants it to. (Click here for the article:

2) Include lots of space.

The internet reader is a completely different type of reader than a book reader.  Internet readers tend to scan and are generally put off by reading large blocks of text that are not broken up. I tend to break my posts into three or four lines whenever possible. (Some sites have lumped some of mine back into large blocks but those articles don’t do as well.)

3) Make sure your Ideas that are clearly laid out and that have no extraneous fillers.

Review your work after your first draft and ruthlessly get rid of any extra words or phrases that are not needed.

4) Avoid repeating yourself.

If you feel that one explanation does not fully flesh out your idea, use examples to get the point across. This also adds interest to your article, especially if the examples, themselves are funny or entertaining.

5) Use Great Subheads.

Subheads (like numbers or bullet points) should follow the same rules as headlines. i.e. make them irresistible, use power words.

6) Don’t use words or vernacular that most people do not understand.

If you use a word that is not used a lot on common conversations, put a definition in parentheses right after it or your reader will not read any further. Once he or she hits a misunderstood word, you have lost them.

7) Craft the parts of your story so that they have “hooks”.

In songwriting, we talk about “The Hook” The hook is that thing in the song that makes it interesting and hooks our attention. My all time favorite author, P.G. Wodehouse, had a standard for his novels.

He said that he reads over EVERY LINE of each novel and each line MUST have some sort of entertainment value. If you read his novels, you can see that he has accomplished this task.

It is not difficult to do but it does take time and effort. Use imagery, narratives, personal stories, whatever it takes to hook your reader. The line that is filler is the point in his reading where your reader clicks on something else.

8) Edit your post. I don’t mind doing some minor edits but I don’t do major revisions.

Make sure each paragraph leads into the next one, and that your article has a beginning, a body and an ending.Make sure that the sequence make sense. For any numbered posts, make sure the numbers are in the correct order. I know this sounds simple but it is an easy mistake to make. Make sure that if you say in your headline “17 Killer Tips for Tipping Cows!” that you actually have 17.

If you want to put in a bonus tip, do but make sure your reader understands that it is a bonus tip and you are wonderful for including it.

9) Load up your post with Golden Nuggets.

I am currently working my way through the AWAII copywriting program and they talk about “Golden Nuggets” these are interesting bits of information that your reader does not know and will find interesting.

For example, letting your reader know what the signature dishes are in your favorite city or where to find the best deal on jewelry or gifts.

10) Promote your live article to your social media connections and I will promote it on mine.

Together we can generate lots of traffic for your ideas and you can use it to build your website. I have found that promoting the same article several times per day is necessary as most people miss it if you only do it once.

Any article you submit will remain yours but you must give me authorization to keep it on my site as long as I want. You will, of course, retain credit as author and you can post it on your own site or any other site that does not then insist that they own the rights to it. Most other sites do so please be aware.

I do not want to take your rights to your articles but I do need to protect myself from unintended copyright infringements that may come as a result of sending your article to someone who then considers it theirs.

Thanks for reading these guidelines, I look forward to hearing from you! Please be advised that if your submission does not align with the guidelines, it will not be published.

XO Chris

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8 thoughts on “Guest Post Submission Guidelines

  1. Hello,

    Hope you are doing well!

    I visited your blog earlier today and just wanted to congratulate you on a well presented, and informative blog. I have an article which has content relevant to your site. I am interested to do guest post submission.

    As per Google update we all know that unique and relevant content is more important for a blog. So I want to submit related article or post on your site, and
    I just need one clean back link in return. So if you are interested please inform me soon.

    Thanks & regards
    Ruby andrew

  2. Hey!
    How are things your end?!
    Being an avid blogger, I spend most of my waking hours online. During which I came across your blog
    which was both refreshing and enjoyable!
    I would love to write something for your blog, around 400-500 words, give or take, that is if you would allow me to.
    In return I’d like to have a back link to my site, either in the article or author bio.
    Hoping you would though!
    Ruby Andrew.

  3. Hey!!

    How are you doing today?!!

    I am Avil Taylor and like you writing is my passion. It soothes me, somehow!
    Your blog is “” probably one of the most interesting ones I’ve seen recently and with due reason. Like minds I guess! I was also wondering if I could do a guest post for your blog.

    Hope to hear from you pretty soon .

    Fingers Crossed.

    Avil Taylor.

  4. Sub:Seeking Opportunity to Work with You – as Guest Blogger for

    Hello ,

    I am Mathew Joesph and I enjoy writing, especially on “travelling”. I love your blog and would like to reach your readers with an article posted on your site. I would like to know whether you could accommodate one of my articles on your blog which will cover informational aspects on this industry. I will be placing only one link within the articles which will be strategically placed. Also I can provide contents as per your requirements or instructions. Kindly revert back to me with any queries. If you wish, I will simply mention my company’s name instead of a hyperlink.

    Also, if interested, you can tell me the topics on which you wish to update your blog too. Be rest assured about the quality and originality of the content and it would not be used anywhere else.

    Looking forward to a positive reply,

    Warm Regards,

    Mathew Joesph

    • Hi Mathew!
      I would love for you to pitch me something. Basically I am looking for articles that focus on life improvement through travel, specifically how we can change our world view on an individual basis and make the world a more friendly place. Please send me your pitches. My email is

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