Helping Those Who Hurt


Helping Those Who Hurt

Ciao Belli,

I have been updating my comments page and found a lot of comments from you that I did not see until now. I am sorry about this and have responded albeit very late.

Every day that I look at my site stats I am amazed at how many people are drawn to the information about Energy Vampires.

I see also that there have been some misunderstandings about mental illness and what I advocate with regard to handling mentally ill people.

Mentally Ill people have been hurt. This is a documented fact. Pain and unconsciousness lay the groundwork for positive suggestion and it is in this manner that people end up with odd behaviors, strange ideas and thoughts, and flat-out insanity.

This leaves us with the thorny problem of “How do we help those who hurt?”

Let me also risk vicious attack by saying that most people who have been diagnosed with mental illness are not actually mentally ill.

In an article by Bruce E Levine, a practicing clinical psychologist, he outlines psychiatric abuses and misdiagnoses made by psychiatry for agendas other than actual proper treatment for the health of the patient.

Additionally, the latest DSM manual has been thoroughly discredited as it included such BS as Caffeine Related Disorder, Oppositional Defiant Disorder and other such “illnesses” designed to pander to drug companies who have been creating and marketing toxic psychosis-inducing drugs.

Also, there is no mention anywhere of treating nutritional deficiencies, handling environmental stressors, or simply not surrounding yourself with assholes which are all very legitimate handlings for all kinds of situational maladies.

That said, there are many people who are legitimately mentally ill.

There are many ways of categorizing these people and we will not do so here other than to take it from the viewpoint of how it affects those who are legitimately trying to help or live with them.

The mentally ill can and should be placed in two categories from the above viewpoint.

Category One contains those who have a mental affliction but do not dramatize it in a way that harms others either physically or mentally/emotionally.

I know many, many people who have had HORRIBLE upbringings and have been tremendously harmed. For whatever reason, perhaps they want to be the exact opposite of those who harmed them, do not dramatize it against others. These are the ones looking to solve a problem in their own universe. In short,they don’t take it out on those around them who had nothing to do with the incident or incidents that have injured them.

These people obviously should be helped as much as you can help. They are trying and it is really tough. They deserve all the care and love you can give them and they respond to this help sometimes dramatically.

I have seen sullen and seemingly anti-social people melt when met with care and compassion. These people are easy to help.

Category Two contains people who are obviously sociopathic to whatever degree and refuse to recognize that there is anything in them that needs change. They continue to abuse you either mentally or physically. These are the joy killers. These are also, when they are severely afflicted, the murderers.

When looking at your life from the standpoint of improving your own personal situation which naturally includes those around you that you care about, you have to look at the people in it. Who are you around most of the time? are they negative people? Do they contribute to your life energy or suck the life out of you?

Now, in Category Two, you can have many different manifestations of this harmful behavior. Below are just a handful:


    We have all been around someone like this, right? If you have a significant other who is like this, your life is a living hell. You are going along in life perhaps talking to this person and suddenly they are pissed. You have no idea what you said to set them off but according to them you should know because it is no heinous that the fact that you don’t know makes it a million times worse.

    To the SUDDENLY PISSED, it is all your fault. In fact everything is all your fault and you should know that you inconsiderate bastard!

    The SUDDENLY PISSED who does not understand the mind, refuses to take responsibility for his or her own situation and blames others. This is damaging to those around him or her and hugely damaging to themselves.


    These are showcased on shows such as Dance Moms and The Real Housewives of what ever. I can’t stand watching these shows. They give me acid reflux.

    The DRAMA QUEEN is a cousin to the SUDDENLY PISSED. Everything bad that happens to them is someone else’s fault and they must pay and pay dearly. Run the other way from these babies or you will be questioning your own sanity.


    You know this person. He or she throws nasty back-handed comments constantly. Anything you do for them earns you more remarks about how you must LOVE shopping at the Goodwill, how you must LOVE that skirt because it is the third time this month you have worn it. (I actually had someone say  that to me.I am sure this person had a diary on her calendar listing what everyone wore. Sad actually.) You get the picture.


    This person tears down your other friends or relatives to others and to you. They “get you to see” that so and so is not as honest, loving, good as you think they are. Meanwhile they are doing the same to you behind your back. It is my considered opinion seeing how these TRASH TALKERS work that there are several hard at work at this time in the media keeping race and gender wars in full flame.

    Think about it. We are not born racist or genderist or hating anyone who is not a cookie cutter cutout of us. We just don’t. And yet we are told that there is racism rampant all over the US. Well, there is now that the TRASH TALKERS have had full rein in the media and no one has stopped them. But if you talk to your neighbors who are black, you will find that unless they have been highly manipulated by the media, they don’t inherently hate whites and when you talk to whites, they don’t inherently hate blacks. So where is this bullshit coming from?

    It is coming from the TRASH TALKERS. And they have an agenda that is furthered by keeping us apart.

    As an interesting historical note: I was taking a course on ancient Rome and its emperors. In ancient Rome it was determined that the Roman Empire was getting too big for the Roman army to handle by itself. So instead of using communication skills or building up their army, they found out that all they had to do was spread lies to each of the neighboring tribes about the other tribes. In this way, the tribes would fight amongst themselves and not lay siege to the government of Rome.

    One could think that it was quite ingenious if it were not so evil. Many, many people died horrendously bloody deaths as a result of those lies.

    So there you have possibly the original TRASH TALKERS.


    I love these guys. They are always such the victims. You are supposed to bend over backward to accommodate them because they are so unhappy, disabled, upset and need immediate attention. If you don’t you are a horrible person.

    Now everyone needs help every so often and we should absolutely help those who are unhappy, disabled and upset. But we cannot allow our lives to be dictated by those who use their unhappiness or disability to control others in mean and evil ways.

    By way of example, I had a family member through marriage that insisted that we come visit her every day because she was so unhappy. She complained loudly about how she was going to die any minute and yet she never did. If we did miss a day, we were ungrateful and horrible. She was a GUILT LAYER and she laid it on with a trowel.

    Any of the people in the above categories I have listed above can be momentarily manifesting this but if the person sees that this behavior is incorrect and really wants to change it as opposed to SAYING they want to change it but never doing so, you can help them. If they do not see a problem with their own behavior, they will never change and you are a fool to continue to be around them.

    Now, I want to state that these people are the minority. Most people are not like this in my experience. I also know that some circles contain a lot of people like this and you sometimes need to look at your environment and see the culture of it in its cold hard reality to decide whether it is a good environment for you.

    Most people who are sad or depressed or in category one above need and deserve help. The problem is how to help them. On that I am referring you to the following Meme which I love. I believe that if you take this approach or this compassionate way of looking at things, you will get a nice result. Just love and compassion go a long way in dealing with those who have been hurt.

    The key in helping others is doing so without being hurt yourself.

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