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Ciao Belli,

I am sorry for being AWOL lately but I have been working on a massive project that requires much time and attention. I do not want to neglect you so I am putting up a thought for the day for you to think about and chew on.

It is about beauty.

In our culture, so much money and energy is spent on the quest for it. Women go to plastic surgeons and have their bodies cut up and injected. They go to the hair dresser and have their hair colored and cut, gelled and dried. They go to the gym and work out in a desperate effort to align their physical forms with the impossible standards of “beauty” that is set by Hollywood and the media.

But is that beauty?

The dictionary describes beauty as a combination of qualities such as shape, color or form that pleases the aesthetic senses.

Aesthetic simply means of or concerning the appreciation of beauty or good taste.

These definitions do not really hit the mark.

Beauty is subjective, meaning that what is beauty to one person may be hideous to someone else.

But there is something else missing from the above definitions, and that is VIEWPOINT. The above definitions seem to imply that what is beautiful to one person is beautiful for everyone. It implies that there can be an authority on beauty who can set the standard and if you are not aligning yourself with the standard you are not beautiful.

It also assumes that beauty is only and purely in the physical manifestation of a person.

What are people but spiritual beings?

Have you ever seen a man or a woman who had all the perfect physical characteristics that would make someone “beautiful” but they just were not attractive? Perhaps they were repulsive even?

We have all met someone at some time or other that almost literally made our skin crawl. No matter what they looked like, they were repulsive.

And we have met people who, despite “flaws” in their physical appearance, we found irresistibly beautiful.

So the definitions of beauty above are simply incorrect.

The physical manifestation of someone is not what makes them beautiful.

It is the being that lies just behind the eyes that makes them beautiful. What makes you beautiful is you.

Granted, one has to care for the physical manifestation. You can’t go around stinking and unclean and expect to be described as beautiful, however those with true beauty generally keep their physical selves in decent shape.

One’s concept of beauty can be shaped by those around one.

In a degraded society such as ours, beauty has been twisted to the tastes of some mentally questionable individuals.

Fashion magazines are filled with young girls who are literally starving. Beauty is presented as illness and emaciation.

Celebrity magazines are filled with photos of young actresses in dresses costing thousands of dollars. They have personal trainers and make up artists and stylists who make sure that every time they leave the house, they are presenting a certain image of beauty.

As women especially, we are expected to try and live our lives, care for our children, work our jobs and in our spare time, try to keep to the standards of “beauty” set by these illusions.

When did this become “normal”?

And is it necessary?

The answer is no because the definition of beauty is flawed.

Beauty is that quality in yourself that makes others flock to you. It is the care for and compassion for others that makes you beautiful.  It is your interest in really finding out about people, their hopes and dreams, their goals and worries that make you beautiful. It is your natural desire to help them in trying circumstances that makes you irresistible.  These are integral parts of you.

When you go out and about today. I want you to look at people. Decide which of them are beautiful to YOU.

Then look at their physical forms. You will find “flaws” in each of them because nothing is perfect in this physical universe. But when you look at them truly, you don’t see the the flaws or they don’t matter. Sometimes these “flaws” make them more beautiful.

When you have done this with several people, go look in the mirror. Look past the crow’s feet in the corner of your eyes. Look past the freckles on your nose. Look past all that and look at you.

You are not of this physical universe where nothing is perfect. You are perfect and your physical form will never even slightly reflect the beauty that is you. But people can see it and feel it and experience it even though they may never understand it or describe it.

Your beauty is there. Recognize it, validate it and it will come out.

There! I just saved you thousands of dollars on Brazilian waxes and face lifts.

I hope this helps.

XO Chris


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