Hollywood, Sex, Lies and Harvey Weinstein

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Sex.Lies and Harvey Weinstein

Ciao Belli,

Wow what a week!

The news has been brimming with stories of Harvey Weinstein, a Hollywood mogul, a predator, a dominator and abuser who, despite “everybody” knowing what he was up to, managed to skate along for decades while “everybody” covered up, ignored and outright supported him and the acts he was performing.

While I normally do not like to pile on when someone is merely accused, the sheer number of victims and their position in the entertainment industry is pretty compelling.

Additionally, word is that  Mr. Weinstein has fled to Europe, ostensibly to get treatment for a sex addiction. More likely, just as his idol and Hollywood sweetheart Roman Polanski did,  he ran, tail between his legs, to avoid extradition and the justice actions that he knows will follow.

The media is having a field day. Suddenly from nowhere there are reports of victims of other high profile people coming forward. The media, who not only remained silent on something that should have come out decades ago, and who, in the case of NBC, appeared to actively quash the story, are now holding themselves up as sooth sayers and justice warriors. In fact, they are just out for a quick buck and to again, direct the narrative where they want it.

But in this rush to condemn, to finally get justice, let’s not forget that the media lies.

This brings me to my next point.

It is good that Weinstein is getting exposed. In my opinion, and granting that the stories are true, he is a snuffling, disgusting truffle pig of the lowest order. (My apologies to self respecting and honorable truffle pigs everywhere.)

It is good that those who remained silent despite knowing and allowing him to continue to rape and abuse women and children are coming out now. Although one wonders where the word “integrity” enters their vocabulary. It is a bit hard to believe their hollow assertions of outrage when they knew all along and cozied up to this tyrant.

The loudest among them were the same who gave Roman Polanski standing ovations and are seen hugging and patting Weinstein, even calling him a god. I cannot control my gag reflect upon hearing about how devastated and upset they suddenly are. Not buying it. Sorry.

It is good that Hollywood in general is being outed for the cesspool of disgusting, suppressive, sex slave activity that it is.

But in this rush to condemn, to finally get justice, let’s not forget that the media lies. It lies to further its narrative and protect itself. It lies when the truth would serve and it lies for no other reason than it thinks it can capture your attention.

In my previous post on why you should turn off the news. I brought up the case of Fatty Arbuckle and the set up that fed the media frenzy machine for years and completely destroyed an innocent and good man.

William Randolphs Hearst willfully destroyed him and when asked for an explanation as to why he would do something so evil to another human being who had done nothing to harm him he responded “Because it sells papers.”

“Because it sells papers” is the reason the media puts out anything. There is no perceived value in truth. There is no value on righteousness or human virtue. There is only the holy grail of capturing mass attention and as a result amassing power and money.

The media shamelessly creates feeding frenzies and lynch mob mentalities.

On the other hand, we have seen child star after child star addicted to drugs and driven to insanity. When we watched them years ago on our favorite TV shows, we thought they owned the world. We thought that they would grow up to be strong, smart and independent people and yet, so, so many of them have been destroyed. We do need to look at that and find out what happened to these people.

We know there is something foul afoot. We know that people do not simply destroy themselves, that there is evil at work and targeting women and children in the entertainment industry.

During this time of exposition, there will be facts and there will be lies.

The facts will stand up to scrutiny and the lies will injure and destroy some innocent people.

When faced with a new accused, remember that anyone can allege anything. Many of these so called “victims” in high profile abuse cases turned out to have been paid to accuse their “abuser”. This was true in the Fatty Arbuckle case and the media’s modus operandi has not changed.

I know that this is an unpopular viewpoint but that doesn’t make it any less true. Scandal rags and news organizations pay big money for “stories”. Whether they are true or not is not a consideration.

We as people who abhor injustice need to keep this in mind as we move forward.

In the days ahead we will be confronted with more stories. Sex abuse is trending in all media right now and this means more media focus on it. It also means more stories, more lies and and more lynch mobs.

The Fatty Arbuckle story is a shockingly sick story of what a man or group with no remorse will do. Read the book “I, Fatty” for the full story. You will be as sickened as I was and I am sure you will caution others to not rush to judgement.

In this country, everyone is entitled to a fair trail. Trial by media is not how justice works. Especially when the media has no soul and no inkling of what justice is nor would they care if they did.

The world is changing fast and I think for the better. This means confronting the unconfrontable evil that must be inspected so that we can handle it. Keep a cool head and look. When things get confusing, look harder and more.

The truth will come out fully. It will not be nice but it will be the beginning of the end of those who prey on the innocent.

I hope this helps.

XO Chris



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