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Chasing La Bella VitaWhen most guidebooks speak of Southern Italy, they speak of Naples and stop there. They forget that there is almost half a country with its own magic below that arbitrary line. Kristina is a 45 year old divorcee who runs to Southern Italy to build a life that is just a little but sweeter, a little bit gentler and containing just a little bit more acceptance and understanding. There she finds an ancient village, an amazing child, and an opportunity to find a love that she thought she had missed.

Take a mini mental vacation to the tiny village of Santa Domenica.  Let the church bells sing you awake in the morning and the sunshine melt away your worries. I will look for you there.

Chris Ellis–Sobolev is an author, musician and instructor. She shares her time between Morgan Hill, California and Santa Domenica Talao, Italy.

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Love and Murder at Sheltering Pines Front CoverThrough bad luck, a broken ankle, and the scheming of her overwrought daughter-in-law, Toots, a youngish, middle-aged widow finds herself holed up within the suffocating atmosphere of the “Sheltering Pines Assisted Living Facility with her loyal Chihuahua, Little, and a cast of ridiculous characters. When a murder occurs, Toots fins that she must team up with her arch rival in the Sheltering Pines Assisted Living Facility’s unsanctioned wheelchair races (which Toots initiated upon her arrival) and together they must solve the crime before more mayhem takes place.

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Ode to Bad PlumbingAn historical journey into Morgan Hill’s illustrious past with one of its most colorful characters.

Meet Emily Waldo Emerson and get a glimpse into the life that sculpted a literary genius. Narrated by the also unpredictable and somewhat scary Chris Ellis-Sobolev.

“Emily, being unstable is also very quick to forgive and forget. I’ll never forget the day Emily found me during my research and went into one of her completely inexplicable rages. She seemed intent on delivering “a Dashed Good Peppering” in my southern regions with her assault rifle (No, pardon me, that was a salt rifle). As quickly as her rage appeared it had completely dissipated by midnight the next night when I gingerly climbed through her attic window, letting nothing touch my southern regions, and resumed my research.”

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As a Music instructor, I have found that many students are not taught Music Theory until much later in their studies. It is not until the student has advanced that he or she learns what some of the symbols in Music mean and as important, how they coordinate and  relate to one another and to the instruments that the student is trying to learn. On the other hand, most Music methods barely touch on Music Theory which includes the definitions of the words and symbols, how they relate to one another, and the basic rules that you follow to ensure that the music is comprehensible. Music notation (the written communication of Music), and Music itself is a system of communication. For this reason I have created this book. This book is meant to be a primer, in other words, it is an introduction to the basic words and symbols you first come across in the subject of Music. After reading and understanding this volume, you should approach your child’s further studies in the same way. Look up the definitions of the symbols. Coordinate them in your mind and ensure that your child can do the same so that you both understand their usage .Developing good study habits and ensuring that you understand every concept will ensure that you receive a depth of knowledge in the subject of Music that will allow both you and your child to do whatever you want with it. The sky is the limit once you know the principles and the rules.

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