The Flea Marketeers! One For All and All For A SCREAMIN’ DEAL!

Hi Everyone!

Welcome to Flea Market Finds, I am your hostess, Chris Ellis (HAHAHA! I have always wanted to say stuff like that!) Meanwhile, this is one of my absolute favorite categories on my site because now it means that Flea Market Finding is a new job for me and I now have to do it because, well, its my duty!

Ok first of all, you know I love to know exactly what I am talking about when I do a blog so here is a brief description of why a “Flea Market” is called a “Flea Market”. According to Wikipedia, there are several possible origins for the name but I copied the one I liked best and that made the most sense. Here it is.(Thanks Wiki!)

“The traditional and most publicized story is in the article “What Is A Flea Market?” by Albert LaFarge in the 1998 winter edition of Today’s Flea Market magazine. In his article LaFarge says, “There is a general agreement that the term “Flea Market” is a literal translation of the French marché aux puces, an outdoor bazaar in Paris, France, named after those pesky little parasites of the order Siphonaptera (or “wingless bloodsucker”) that infested the upholstery of old furniture brought out for sale.””

I doubt whether anyone reading this is new to the joys of finding the coolest stuff ever, or the exact thing you  are looking for for almost nothing at a flea market, garage sale or estate sale. It is the nip of Autumn in the air (or warmth of summer or Spring) and the thrill of the hunt. But most of all it is the joy in the capture and to the victors go the spoils! The great thing is that in a real Flea Market Find, there is victory on all sides. You win because you just know you got a screaming deal on those matching 1950’s bar stool that just need a lick of paint. The seller wins because she is so sure she has made enough by getting rid of her old junk that she can now afford the Nine West peep toe pumps she has been mooning over, and the planet wins because, well, recycling or as we savvy Flea Marketeers call it, “repurposing” saves energy and resources, and gives someone’s tired old stuff a new lease on life.

Recently I have teamed up with my friend Lisa who is a world class Flea Marketeer. We had  her car stuffed to the brim with cool finds from the epic citywide garage sale in Los Gatos two weeks ago. I scored so amazingly heavily that we could barely shove all of it into her large sedan!

Copy of Michelango's Prophet Jeremiah taken from the Sistine Chape Ceiling


I also found a beautiful rug (brand new) for my son’s room and a complete roll of fabric that I will be using to fix up my Music Space. That day I also found a Cadillac walker for my hip replacement, a cane that never falls over, three more area rugs, a beautiful painting which is a copy of Michelangelo’s Prophet Jeremiah from the Sistine ceiling, four hand made Venetian masks that are amazing, and tons of great clothes and jewelry. The best part? I spent less than $150.00!













During the nice weather months, estate sales and city wide garage sales pop up all over. It is a great day filled with fun and excitement for everyone. If you are handy you can take something that is cool and make it REALLY cool. I am posting a few photos of some of the coolest recent finds. Ok! Get a newspaper, take $100 out of the bank and go find some treasures! Take your friends and kids! It is a great day out and actually cheaper than any amusement park that I can think of.

Happy hunting to all you Flea Marketeers! Write me about your cool finds!!!!

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XO Chris


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2 thoughts on “The Flea Marketeers! One For All and All For A SCREAMIN’ DEAL!

  1. Great flea market finds. Instead of Sushi, I think we should go treasure hunting!! I’m glad the recovery is going well. Can’t wait to do something fun soon. 🙂

  2. Great Ann! I should have known you were a Flea Marketeer! Let’s totally do it! I’ll get the paper out! we can eat on the run!
    XO Chris

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